Mobile Platform has been lauched

eMobile mobile platform that was designed by our company is a high-level mobile management platform used by mobile operators. Operators, content providers offer any kind of services, by means ofeMobileeMobile is mostly used for entertainment and information kind of services, TV quizzes and announces, ADV-SMS, MASS-SMS and CRBT (some kind of services like “ZengimCell”)

We provide the creation of the following systems by means of the Platform:

— Systems of maintenance services

— ADV-SMS, MASS-SMS systems;

— Special mobile systems for TV-Radio;

— The platforms for interactive communication with subscribers;

— Services like quizzes and campaigns;

— SMS and CRBT forwarding systems;

— Services like Screen SMS;

— Systems of various mobile statistics.

We provide the creation of any service and system, as well.

Some mobile operators and content providers are currently using the services of eMobile platform.

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