Our company provides some important and modern solutions:

— euroCloud — Cloud system;

— euroData — Data center;

— Web Studio;


euroCloud system provides the perfect synchronization of the resources among platforms and the complete interactive use of these resources via internet by users.

Advantages of euroCloud system:

— Access to corporative archive from any time and place;

— High security and cipher;

— Mobile, optimal and modern;

— High-level standardization and automation processes;

— Prognostication of IT resources;

— Licenses, economy in exploitation and technical staff.

We also provide various surveys in the application of euroCloud system.


The company Euronet acts like a network operator, as well and there are applicable data centers for it. These centers belong to the general euroData service.

Main advantages of euroData service:

— Advanced servers in the USA, Great Britain and Germany;

— 24 hours monitoring and technical support;

— 4 level back-up system;

— Modern Cisco equipments;

— Comfortable management systems.

This system is currently used in different banks, telecommunication, industry and commerce.


“Shukurzade & Company” that belongs to our company provides the creation of web-sites in different kinds and functionality.

Go to the official website to learn more about the studio  — www.studio.az