Our company has been acting since 2008. We are official partner from CIS and Eastern European countries with the companies like IBM, HP, SMM, Dell, Fujitsu, Cisco Systems, Avaya, Microsoft, Oracle.

Our company is acting in some of CIS and Eastern European contries and contains some solutions in itself.

Solutions on telecommunication sector:

Mobile management platforms;

Call management systems;

Ready Internet solutions;

Setting of mobile programs;

Creating websites;

Data centers:

euroCloud — Cloud system;

euroData — Data center;

Banking sector:


Design sector:

Professional graphical design services;

Professional photo shooting.

Hundreds of companies are getting benefits from the platforms and systems that we created. Activity of our company surrounds some countries. We can mention the countries like USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Turkey, UAE, India, Kirgizstan, South Korea, Brazil, France, Spain and Canada will be added to this list, soon.