Our company offers special solutions in telecommunication sector. These solutions contain different segments.

Our solutions on telecommunication sector:

— Mobile management platforms;

— Call management systems;

— Ready Internet solutions;

— Setting of mobile programs;

— Creating websites.

We provide the preparation and application of complex and multifunctional software.


eMobile mobile platform that was designed by our company is a high-level mobile management platform used by mobile operators. Operators, content providers offer any kind of services, by means ofeMobileeMobile is mostly used for entertainment and information kind of services, TV quizzes and announces, ADV-SMS, MASS-SMS and CRBT (some kind of services like “ZengimCell”)

We provide the creation of the following systems by means of the Platform:

— Systems of maintenance services

— ADV-SMS, MASS-SMS systems;

— Special mobile systems for TV-Radio;

— The platforms for interactive communication with subscribers;

— Services like quizzes and campaigns;

— SMS and CRBT forwarding systems;

— Services like Screen SMS;

— Systems of various mobile statistics.

We provide the creation of any service and system, as well.

Some mobile operators and content providers are currently using the services of eMobile platform.


euroCall is a perfect system to manage the calls. This system that was created by our company is mostly used in the corporative customer services management.

This system enables to manage calls and their automatic recording and also to determine online when and how the operators respond to calls.

euroCall is also and advanced IP telephony network

euroCall is interested in increasing of the operative work in customer service.

The system reduces the percentage of unimportant calls to minimum and optimizes the use of the resources of the company.

The system provides the incensement in the number of customer services and the improvement of the quality of services for each call, as well.

Guarantee agencies and transport companies, financial institutions and different service providers are currently using the system.


The intranet platform that was created by Euronet is called as eIntraneteIntranet is a perfect platform that provides the creation of inter-networks corporative information website (Inrtanet).

eIntranet implements the creation of internet networks in different complexity and functionality and its simple management.

eIntranet has very mobile management system. This mobility creates the opportunity of quick addition of different services to the platform.

Important companies and institutions of the country are getting benefits from eIntranet.


The Company Euronet provides the preparation of mobile programs (applications) for different mobile operators. The system that contains the multiplatformed programs is called euroApps.

We are currently provide the following platforms:

— Apple iOS 8;

— Android 4.4;

— Windows Phone 8.1;

— Nokia Belle (Symbian);

— Blackberry OS 10.


“Shukurzade & Company” that belongs to our company provides the creation of web-sites in different kinds and functionality.

Go to the official website to learn more about the studio  — www.studio.az